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Keyword Research is one of the important process in SEO which enables any business to find out the competition & popularity of any keyword. which helps any business to grow their business online.

The Local Strategist

What is Keyword Research

Keyword Research refers to the searching of any keyword which have a great Volume & less competition so that it will be easy for your business to grow on that keyword. Keyword Research is one of the most important part of SEO.

Importance of Keyword Research


It is one of the important process in SEO & if this process is not so good then it will be tough for your business to grow.

Product Research

Keyword Research can help your business in your product research also as from keyword research you can find which product have more demand & which have more volume on Search Engines. 

For Ads service

Keyword Research give you the best keyword on which you can run Ads so that the promotion of your product increases rapidly & can increase your sales.

Demand of the product

Keyword Research make your process easy by showing you the product which have a great demand as well as low competition. So that you can increase sales of that product.

Mistakes During Keyword Research

Wrong Keyword Selection

Most Common & wrong mistake in Keyword research is selection of a keyword which neither related to your business nor with your product. This is the biggest mistake in Keyword Research.

Intent Matters

In present Google have more focus on Intent of your content & keyword which should be clear of your business. Most of the business have the right choice of Keyword but the intent of that keyword is different from your Business services.

Data Analysis

After Keyword Selection it is important to maintain Analysis of that keyword like volume of keyword, its Demand etc. as afterward we can find how many Sales of our services or product increases.

Trend of Keyword

In Keyword Research one of the mistake which most of the Researcher do is that they find Keyword according their Volume & Difficulty, but they don’t consider the trend of that keyword & it is the big mistake as Now days if you want to grow on that keyword it is very hard as you have to know about the trend of that keyword.

Why The Local Strategist ?

  • We provide keyword suggestion from our best research which have a great volume as well as less competition & very your business can easily grow.
  •  We research keyword manually so that there is very fewer chances of having no intent clear as our experts giving you best keyword which is in trend.
  • After Research of keyword we also done Analysis of your Business Related Keywords as well as reports.
  • At the last but most important our plans is very Effective as well as Affordable as compare to others.

Our Easy Process :-

Here is Our Easy process of Keyword Research,
We do Keyword Research Manually so that our client get the best keyword.

1. Bucket

In this First step we get all ideas & keywords which is related to your business.& choose the best keywords which are best for your business.

2. Volume

In the Second step we find out the volume of the keywords which we selected in the first step. Also, we find out the difficulty related to that keyword so that it can be grown easily. 

3. Filter

In this step we filter the best keyword for your business according to their volume, difficulty, trend etc. In this step we get the best keyword.

4. Analysis & Reports

After choosing the best keyword we start to work on it & continue analysis of that keyword so that it can improve day by day.

Our Pricing Plans

Here is Our Pricing Plans for Keyword Research
which is less as well as effective from others